I just want to watch the Supernatural Finale.

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“The funny thing about introverts is once they feel comfortable with you, they can be the funniest, most enjoyable people to be around. It’s like a secret they feel comfortable sharing with you. Except the secret is their personality”

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Dear World,

Serbia has been hit by catastrophic floods. There are many casualties, thousands of people lost their homes and are in urgent need for help.

Your donations can make a great difference. Thank you.



Government of Serbia, DONATIONS - http://bit.ly/1ly1nxB

Please help raise awareness. twitter: #serbiafloods

Official FB pabe for more information: HELP FOR SERBIA http://on.fb.me/1sEqzGD

buzzfeed: http://bzfd.it/1lMOPVX

photos: http://www.blic.rs/

guys, please, you dont even understand how emergent the situation is and how much of help these people need. these have been worst floodings in 100 of years here, on balkan. please, try to at least reblog this - someone could help. people are in danger. people are suffering. damage cant even be put in words. not only bosnia and serbia but also north-east of croatia are under water and many villages are cut off the rest of the world. theres no electricity and have been a few death cases confirmed. flood destroyed everything people had - homes, fields, absolutely everything. please, try to donate, try to help.

And to make things even worse, over 100,000 landmines left from the war in the 90s have been shifted in the floods.

                                   Some things never change

Scarlett Johansson & Chris Evans
being adorable on the set of The Perfect Score and Captain America: The Winter Soldier


 And this is why i love her.


if helga hufflepuff isn’t ur favorite founder then ur wrong because when all the other founders were like ‘i’ll teach the smart ones’ and ‘i’ll teach the aristocratic ones’ and ‘i’ll teach the ones who r willing to fight bears with their teeth’ helga was just like ‘fuck that i’ll teach anybody who wants to learn’ and thats how u do education



so is it a thing in (american) english to use “texas” as a word for like, something that’s out of control or chaotic, or as like, “crazy”? like “that party last weekend was totally texas!” 

because that is a thing people say in norwegian and i just think it’s important for americans to know that? 

this is the best thing I’ve ever heard



So today this family came into the restaurant and I while I was serving them, their son saw my Iron Man and Captain America charms and said ‘Avengers! I love the Avengers!’ I smiled and asked who his favorite was, and he said “Iron Man!’ with such a conviction that I wanted to melt.

And then I noticed his hearing aids, and got excited. “Hey, you know Hawkeye’s just like you, right? He has the same hearing aids!” And I swear to god the whole family just stopped.

As I explained that in the comics, there’s a Hawkeye that’s Deaf, you could see the little boy’s eyes just grow. His dad was so excited, he said he was go find all the issues for the kids. And as I served them, I overheard their mom explaining that when one sense goes, the others get stronger, and that maybe their brother would be a super hero one day.

If there was ever a reason to include diversity, it is for the look on a child’s face knowing they’re not alone.